Week One Summary

This week I started with reading the directions multiple times. I started with creating all my social media accounts; twitter, sound cloud, and Flickr, I already had a YouTube account. After setting all of my account up I attempted to crate my domain. I struggled to get Domain of Ones Own to work the way I wanted it to and honestly got really frustrated. I have never made a Domain of Ones Own so I had to watch many videos and ask lots of questions. I ended up taking a trip to the Digital Knowledge Center to get some assistance. The DKC was super helpful and got my website working! I decided to make a subdomain for DS106 just in case I wanted to use my website for additional class or purpose. During my appointment at the DKC we worked through all the instructions and got my blog registered to the class site.

I started building my social media posts after I got my website figured out. I started on twitter with a simple introduction. Then I moved to Flickr. I decided to use Flickr instead of Instagram because I didn’t want to make my instagram public. I uploaded pictures of me and my friends and family to add to my introduction blog post. I headed to Sound Cloud next to make a playlist of some of my favorite songs. I ended with Youtube because I was having a hard time deciding what to post. Then I remembered a video that I took over the summer when I threw a small surprise party for my roommate during COVID times. I added them all to my multimodal introduction post

I really enjoyed making albums on Flickr and I will probably continue to do so in the future. Making playlists is something I do when I am bored so making one on sound cloud was fun! I think I enjoyed making the albums and playlists because I love to organize things.

I started the Bob Ross video on Wednesday night and I loved it! Watching the video made me feel relaxed and wish that I was good at painting. He made it look so effortless. This video was only the third Bob Ross video I have ever watched and I would love to watch more. I really enjoyed this assignment.

When I started to create my goals they came easy. I knew exactly what I was striving for in this class. I started the week with frustration but now I am at ease and I have a lot of excitement for the rest of this semester.

Overall, week one wasn’t horrible. I was really nervous about how well I would do in this class, but once I figured things out I feel a lot more calm. Once I figured out how Word press works I could just “plug and chug” all my blog posts. I am excited to see what else I learn throughout this course and finding new ways to be creative!

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