Uncle Bob Remix

To start my remix assignments I started going through my favorite past assignments and clicking the remix button to see what it would do. For this one, I chose one of my very first DS106 assignments, We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch and remixed it with Uncle Bob.

First I searched through all my posts to find the original assignment and then I made edits. I made a “Brady Bunch” picture but with the people I live with, so for this remix I needed to make some changes. I added a picture of my “uncle Bob” to the house as if he lives with us. Oddly enough I think Bob Ross wouldn’t be a horrible roommate, because all the girls I live with appreciate art and can be artsy. Also I feel like Uncle Bob is really calm and relaxed, maybe he would help de-stress us when school gets to be too much.

The original assignment was prior to Uncle Bob moving in with us, so now there are 5 of us in the house. There are way more paintbrushes laying around and bottles of paint are always available. Uncle Bob is great to have around, his creativity is contagious, but his hairstyle is NOT. Welcome to the Fridge Uncle Bob, we are glad you are joining us.

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  1. I bet uncle Bob keeps it interesting and inspirational in the fridge. You could always rely on your roommate Bob to cheer you up with a kind or inspirational quote when you’re sad.

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