The Core Commercial

I was trying to think of something I could get people to buy without seeing a picture and that related to our radio show. I chose to record a commercial for a planner named The Core. My best advice fro incoming freshman in college was to stay organized whether that is with a planner or an app. So a “created” The Core planner in paper form and on an app.

I started with writing my script for the commercial and making sure I added everything I wanted to say. I remembered from my radio bumper a few weeks ago that I should add music behind my voice so I picked some background music. I recorded my commercial a few times on audacity and then once I felt comfortable with the product I downloaded it to my computer and then uploaded it to SoundCloud.

Making this commercial reminding me when I would go to work with my mom and she would write commercial and sometimes record them. My mom worked at a radio station so this was pretty normal for her to do. I loved listening to my mom’s potential scripts and telling her which one I liked best for the radio. This process was really fun for me! I could envision the planner in real life and a little bit of the app!

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