Thats a wrap… part 10!

I can’t lie, when I looked at the weekly assignments for week 10 I felt a little overwhelmed but once I started working I was good to go. I felt like I learned a lot this week about how to “read movies” and see videos through a different lens.

I started by expanding on project ideas that my classmates shared. I can see potential in all of these project ideas. I am looking forward to getting started on my final project and seeing what everyone else in the class creates.

My video essay was based on a scene from the movie Little Women and I focused on the camera transitions, the speakers, and camera views. Watching a movie through a “editor lens” was a little weird honestly but once I knew what to look for I got it.

I chose to complete 10 stars worth of video assignments this week. I made 3 different videos and all of them were really fun to make. I became familiar with iMovie which was something new for me. I made a “Get Ready with Me”, “Of importance”, and “Vacation time” as a way do a little bit of different things for each video.

My daily creates this week were simple but I liked them. The quote really resonated with me even though it was simple. I completed my post of the week, commented on posts and liked tweets.

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