Project Expansion Ideas

The Final Countdown: I really liked Grace’s ideas for her final project so I have a few ideas for her! With regards to the first idea- college advice I think you could totally run with it. You could list out advice and create a flyer or even a little booklet. A how-to video for registration or buying textbooks would be useful and a way to incorporate different ways of technology. I don’t know how complicated this would be but you could also do an additional radio show with lessons you have learned from your years in college. All of these ideas allow you to use techniques we have learned and used throughout the semester.

Kendra’s Project Ideas: I thought Kendra had some great ideas for the final project. I had a few ideas after reading her thoughts. I think the podcast would be really beneficial and fun to do. The podcast will allow you to get creative and explain the benefits of DS106 for potential students. I could see you even making a video of all your favorite assignments throughout the semester as a way to showcase all the things you did.

I can totally see both of these project ideas come alive! Both ideas allow for creativity and space to make it your own which really feeds off our class theme of Bob Ross’s creativity. I know a couple people had mentioned this in their blogs, but I think group projects allow for so many more ideas to pop up so I can imagine the finished products of these project swill be great.

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