Last one… almost

I had a rough outline for what I wanted my project to look like and include from previous weeks, but this week I changed my mind completely. The story I what to tell the world is “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and memories I’ve made were in my 4 years of college.” In order to tell this story I will include multiple varieties of assignments that we learned throughout DS106.

Using my design skills that we learned and worked on throughout the semester, I created a poster with my lessons on them. I made this poster on Canva. I picked a template and then played around with the fonts and the sizing to make it how I wanted. I like the simplicity and flow of this poster. The design is not too much that it takes away from the reader and the flow makes the poster easy to read. I think that this poster is appealing and not overbearing.

The second design aspect I brought into my project was a “must do before graduation” list specifically for UMW. Traditions are quite meaningful and important here at Mary Wash so I think these are some things that everyone should do before they graduate. Although these are not all of the traditions or even things I would recommend these are the big ones/easiest one to think of. I went ahead and checked off the ones I have completed already just to add to the checklist aesthetic. I created this checklist using Canva because I am familiar with the website and the editing process.

These are my only creations so far, but my final project will also include a video of my favorite college memories, a playlist of songs that describes my college years so far, and possibly one for piece but I need more time to get creative. This week looks a lot less productive than I panned, but I switched my project idea so had to start at square one again. I am comfortable with telling my “college story” so I am excited to see how this project turns out. As I continue to work on my final project I will work with iMovie to create my video and SoundCloud to create my playlist. Using design, video, auido, and visuals will allow me to showcase what I have learned throughout DS106 this semester.

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