Humming Away

I chose a classic… well a classic for me anyway. I picked the song Baby by Justin Bieber for two reasons; I love me some Biebs and everyone knows this song. This is the first song that came to mind when I was reading the description and it never left my brain. I absolutely love music and singing so I am constantly finding myself humming without even realizing it. When a song is stuck in my head or when I forget the name of the song I just hum it or sing the one verse I know.

I liked this assignment because I could pick whatever song I wanted and all I had to do was hum away!

In order to complete this assignment I recored my humming on Audacity then uploaded it to Soundcloud. From there I copied my link and I was good to go! I enjoyed this assignment and if I were to ever do it again, I may pick a song that not everyone knows and make you guys guess in the comments.

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