Design Blitz


This sign is represents two concepts; minimalism/usage of space and unity. The sign is very large yet not “busy” at all. The sign is very minimal, I mean there are only five words on the whole thing. The sign is kept minimal by only incorporating a few words (the name of the ministry and our slogan). The large space is filled and maximized. I also think this sign represents unity, but it is hard to tell unless you know what happens in the building. The community is a family and works as a team!

The covid poster is next and I hope they go away soon because I want Covid to go away! I think this poster displays form/function/message and color. The poster gets to the point; wear a masks and distance yourself. The function of this poster is to inform people as they walk in the building. The message is in order to keep us safe and healthy we are asking you to wear a mask and distance. This poster uses multiple colors to make the poster noticeable. Although this poster includes color, they are not too much.

The cover of the Mean Girls DVD was my last design. This DVD cover displays balance and metaphor/symbols. I think the cover shows balance because the pictures are just the right size to fill the space and the title of the movie is placed at the top in the center to keep things balanced. The picture of Lindsay Lohan is bigger than the other girls and placed in front while the other girls are smaller and further back symbolizes that she is “better” than them. I think the placement of the characters is totally a metaphor for the story line of Mean Girls.

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