What’s Your Name??

After I decided on my visual assignment and I went to writing next to see what else I could find. I chose the Acrostic Poem assignment because I used to do these all the time when I was younger so I figured I would give it a go. One of the requirements for this week was to relate two assignments in some way; I am connecting The Brady Bunch and the Acrostic Poem assignments. In order to connect them I made poems with my roommates names.

After I decided on this topic I got to work! I started with writing each one of our names down on a scratch piece of paper. I started to add adjectives as I thought of them for each of us. Once I had all the letters filled in with an adjective I wrote them down and picked colors for each of us. At the end I spell checked my words. I transferred each of our names onto their own piece of paper and wrote out the adjectives neatly. After completing all four poems I took pictures of them and added them into an album on Flickr.

Week 2 Assignment 2

I created an acrostic poem for my name and each of my roommates as a way to connect my previous assignment as redirected in this weeks guidelines. As I was filling in adjectives for each letter I used the first adjective that came to mind. Each adjective that I used was a positive attribute of myself and my roommates. This allowed me to think outside the box and find new words then what is normally used like “kind, hard-working, or smart” which was somewhat fun.

Overall, I didn’t run into to many difficulties in this assignment but I did have two. The first obstacle I faced was finding adjectives for each letter because I didn’t want to repeat any words. The second obstacle I faced was a being content with the way my handwriting looked when I wrote each name. I am slightly a perfectionist so when lines aren’t straight or letters aren’t the “right” size it drives me crazy. I had no issues uploading these pictures to Flickr because I have become comfortable with this platform. I enjoyed this assignment as well; it brought back memories from when I would make acrostic poems for my friends in elementary school.

Assignment Bank Choice