“Monkey see, monkey do”

This saying is one that my parents used a lot for me and my brother when we were young and now as I spend lots of time with children I totally see why. Me and my brother would copy a lot fo what my parents did, which wasn’t always a bad thing but also not always good. When I was scrolling through assignment options and this one popped up I knew I was going to do the three monkeys covering their eyes, mouth, and ears because it reminded me of this saying.

This assignment was pretty straight forward; pick three emojis, recreate them and tell a story! I took pictures of myself acting like the emoji and then added the actual emoji next to me. These emojis tell a story of a phrase my parents used. I had hundreds of emojis to pick from and I chose these three. This assignment made me think of Bob Ross’s comment “You can do anything you want. This is your world.” because I had plenty of options for emojis and I got to choose how I was going to put this assignment together.

Words with meaning

When I scrolled past this assignment I knew I could figure something out. I chose lyrics from Taylor Swift’s song Never Grow Up and laid them over a picture of me and my brother when we were super young. My parents both really love to tell us stores of when we re younger but I think my mom is more emotional about us growing up. She says quite often “I wish you all didn’t grow up so fast” as if we can do anything about that. The lyrics fit perfectly with this picture and the reasoning behind it!

I found the picture and then immediately thought of the lyrics to use. I used snapchat to lay the text over the picture and then saved it to my photos. I didn’t have any difficulties with this assignment because I already had this baby picture on my phone and I knew the song.

Color Changer

I chose to do Color changer this week because the picture caught my attention. I remember seeing this assignment on Grace’s blog early this semester and I thought it was so cool, so this week was my time to try it out. I started with choosing a picture then I just started playing with filters. I changed the filter and adjusted the saturation, vibrance, and warmth of the photo in order to change its color. I did struggle with deciding if the color truly changed enough for this assignment but I think it did. I enjoyed doing this assignment because I got to play around with filters and edit settings.


Crazy Crafts

This would be the camp I would beg my mom to sign me up for! I loved arts and crafts when I was younger and I think this camp would be a great fit. Getting to do crafts for 5 hours sounds like such a mess but also so much creativity! There could be painting, sculpting, sewing, coloring, and so much more! I included the title, dates, times, cost, and a little description on the poster. I think having the minimum on posters makes it look less messy and overwhelming.

I found the background online and then used snapchat to add the text. Then I downloaded it to my photos and added it here! My only difficulty was finding the perfect background for this poster. Bob Ross says “I think there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us.” This camp will allow students to tap into their artistic side and let their imagination run free!

Unhappy Birthday

I have yet to have a bad birthday, but that may have something to do with the fact that I tend to have small birthday events. Don’t get me wrong I love celebrating my birthday but I would rather spend the day with a few of my closest people than just anyone.

I chose this picture because I am clearly not having a good time. This picture was during one of my work days this summer. This week was horrible; 2 kids’ parents got covid and the behavior for this week was awful so I had hit a wall. Once I found this picture I added it to a instagram story and added on the hat, presents, and cake. Then I downloaded it to my photos so I could put it on the blog. I am pretty familiar with using instagram stories so I didn’t face any obstacles with the editing process. The only difficult piece of this assignment was finding a picture of me when I was clearly not having a good time because I usually only take happy pictures.

My happy place

Anything with water is relaxing and calming to me. The sound and sight of water brings me peace. I could sit and listen to waves crash or water rush by for hours and be at ease. Oceans are my favorite body of water but lakes work too! Water has always been a calming presence to me even when I was a baby. My parents played a sound machine of ocean waves in my room when I was young. Water is most definitely my happy place!

A Good Bunch

To start week 2 I began to explore the Assignment Bank to see what my options were for this week! I started in Visual assignment and found what I thought was the perfect one for me.

I chose the The Brady Bunch assignment because once I saw it I knew what I was going to do. The objective of this assignment was to take the legendary square icon of the hit show The Brady Bunch and make it your own. I chose to make my “bunch” with my roommates. We named our house the Fridge because it is a big white box and a fridge sort of resembles that. It seemed only necessary to call ourselves the snacks if we lived in the fridge… hence the picture below.

Week 2 Assignment 1

When I chose this assignment I wasn’t quite sure how I would put all of the pictures together, but then I decided to use PowerPoint because it was the most simple. First I picked out the pictures I wanted to use for each of us, then I took a picture of our house. Then I pasted the house in the middle and placed our headshots around it. Once I fixed the sizes of the pictures I added titles.

This assignment was really fun to do and honestly, I think it fit perfectly. I knew how to work PowerPoint so I didn’t run into any issues. The most time consuming part of this assignment was finding the pictures for each of us. I chose each one of my roommates because we all live together and make one “family” just as the Brady family became one family.

Assignment Bank Choice