Listening Reflection

I listened to the radio show on Monday night that aired How to Survive: Advice From the Five and The Tea on Social Media. The first show was my groups and it was really weird listening to myself talk. I know I am not alone in this feeling but it didn’t get any less weird as my segment continued. Since the first show was my groups radio show, I am reflecting on the second one. I really enjoyed listening to this radio show. It is such a cool experience to listen together while on discord because you can have an instant discussion.

One of my favorite things about this show was the use of sound throughout the show. Their sound effects were really on point. I mentioned in the discord that the notification sounds were oddly satisfying to listen to and I can’t really explain why that is. In the same breathe, related to the sounds, I also was a little embarrassed that I knew what each one of the sounds were from because I am so heavily invested in social media. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this, but it isn’t something I am proud of.

I also thought that the speakers covered many points throughout their show. This aspect gave the show some variety which kept me interested. I think it is always really interesting to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media. Sometimes it is hard to find the good, but there are definitely perks!!

One critique I would give would be to add some more enthusiasm to your voice when speaking. Be confident in what you are sharing which will make your listeners more intrigued. This critique is something I think nerves and interest take control over when presenting in my opinion. I can’t wait to hear other radio shows from my other classmates!