I’m ready for my close up…

These was really funny to create because I ended up going down a rabbit hole of celebrity memes. This assignment was to pick a celebrity close up and then add it to the background of a unrelated feelings. To get things started I google “celebrity close up funny” and I scrolled and scrolled. I came across my favorite one, which is Kim K crying. I saved this picture photoshopped it so that it was just her face then I had to decide what to put the background as. Since she is crying and the background has to be unrelated I went for something that was not scary or sad. I picked a fish and then downloaded that picture and placed the Kim K picture over top. I thought the fish would be something she would actually cry over. I enjoyed this assignment. I didn’t have any trouble making overlapping or picking pictures.

Uhhh, is this the right movie??

I chose this mashup assignment because I though tit was kinda funny. I had to pick an upcoming movie and then make a movie cover that is in a way the opposite. To start I looked up movies that were coming out in 2022 and then chose SCREAM. I have never seen this movie and don’t plan on ever seeing it because it is scary- and I don’t do scary. Since this is a scary movie I wanted to make this new movie poster that didn’t look scary. I added the title and the descriptions of the movie to my new poster. I used word to place text over the picture. This assignment made me laugh, but also if it were real life, I would be so mad at the movie producers if they made the poster look like it was a funny and kid-friendly movie.