The Core Bumper

I chose to create a bumper that promoted our radio show. I went plain and simple with this one. I added some back ground music to layer on top of my voice. I had to record this a few times because I kept messing up on my words, but I finally got! I downloaded it to my computer then uploaded it to SoundCloud. I enjoyed created this bumper!

I wanted the bumper to be related to our radio show and give “sneak peak” of what we will be discussing during the show. I chose the back ground music as a way to lighten the mood.

The Core Commercial

I was trying to think of something I could get people to buy without seeing a picture and that related to our radio show. I chose to record a commercial for a planner named The Core. My best advice fro incoming freshman in college was to stay organized whether that is with a planner or an app. So a “created” The Core planner in paper form and on an app.

I started with writing my script for the commercial and making sure I added everything I wanted to say. I remembered from my radio bumper a few weeks ago that I should add music behind my voice so I picked some background music. I recorded my commercial a few times on audacity and then once I felt comfortable with the product I downloaded it to my computer and then uploaded it to SoundCloud.

Making this commercial reminding me when I would go to work with my mom and she would write commercial and sometimes record them. My mom worked at a radio station so this was pretty normal for her to do. I loved listening to my mom’s potential scripts and telling her which one I liked best for the radio. This process was really fun for me! I could envision the planner in real life and a little bit of the app!

Stay hydrated

This assignment made me think creatively. Telling a “story” without words was somewhat difficult for me because I LOVE to talk. I would rather just tell you a story instead of attempting without words.

I told the “story” of me filling up my water bottle. I started with unscrewing the lid, then I cracked the ice tray because I don’t have an ice maker. Then I dropped the ice cubes into my water bottle and filled it up with water. I screwed the lid back on and took a drink!

This your reminder to stay hydrated y’all! Get a cute water bottle and fill that sucker up all day!

Instrumental + Acapella = Pretty

This one was a little challenging not gonna lie. I picked Titanium because I figured I would keep with the Pitch Perfect theme. My first task was finding both an instrumental and acapella version of the this song. Once I found them I dowloaded them both and then layered them to line up. The lining up part was the biggest obstacle of this assignment. I enjoyed doing this assignment even though it was a small challenge.

Cup Song

This assignment was fun! I chose to do the cup song from one fo my favorite movies Pitch Perfect. Making noise is pretty easy to do but when you have to create organized noise it makes things a little more difficult.

I used two different cups to produce different sounds. I had to record this “song” three times until I was satisfied with the sound. Once I was finished recording my sound I saved it as an mp3 and then uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Humming Away

I chose a classic… well a classic for me anyway. I picked the song Baby by Justin Bieber for two reasons; I love me some Biebs and everyone knows this song. This is the first song that came to mind when I was reading the description and it never left my brain. I absolutely love music and singing so I am constantly finding myself humming without even realizing it. When a song is stuck in my head or when I forget the name of the song I just hum it or sing the one verse I know.

I liked this assignment because I could pick whatever song I wanted and all I had to do was hum away!

In order to complete this assignment I recored my humming on Audacity then uploaded it to Soundcloud. From there I copied my link and I was good to go! I enjoyed this assignment and if I were to ever do it again, I may pick a song that not everyone knows and make you guys guess in the comments.