Artist? Maybe

I feel like I am creative, but artist is big word! I think that word has so much to live up to or I don’t meet the requirements. I know all of these are untrue because we all are artist in one or another, it just doesn’t seem fitting for me.

I love to do “arts and crafts” but often times I need to look at a picture to get inspiration or to model what I am making. On a simpler side of art, I love to color and doodle which I actually find very relaxing. I also love calligraphy or the “fancy writing.” I could look at art all day long; photography, paintings, drawings, clay sculptures, all that good stuff, but I just don’t feel like I am good enough at it.

A tutorial for calligraphy

If I were to put a title on the kind of artist I am, I think I would say I am a “work in progress” or maybe even an “artist from a distance”… if these even make sense. I definitely believe that we all have a creative side to us even if we don’t think so. It could be something as simple as the style of clothes we wear or how we decorate or rooms.