Goals for ds106

I have a few goals for this class. My first goal is to be comfortable using WordPress since this is my first time using it. My second goal is to stay on top of all the assignments and not procrastinating on my work. My third goal is to be able to learn multiple new ways to describe myself. I am hopeful that by the end of the semester I will be able to accomplish all of these goals and have fun while do so.


I’m Haylie and I’m from Stephens City Va. I am a senior American Studies major and in the elementary education program. After completing my undergrad I will staying for one more year to get my master degree in elementary education.

Besides being a student, I am a peer mentor for first year students at UMW, an ambassador for the College of Education, and help lead a college ministry off campus!


When I have free time I love to hang out with my friends and family and listen to music. One of my favorite things to do is celebrate birthdays especially with my friends. This video is when I threw my roommate a surprise 22nd COVID birthday party!

I will listen to almost anything, but I prefer Christian, Country, and pop music. Driving down backroads with the windows down, wind blowing, and music playing is one of my favorite feelings! This is a playlist that has some of my favorite songs that make me happy!

The Joy of ds106

I watched “Forest River” and I was hooked through the whole video. Bob Ross has a way of making painting look effortless and so peaceful. This was only the 3rd video of Bob Ross painting I have watched and I am so glad I got to. There were two “ideas” that caught my attention while he was painting. One being that painting allows us to use our imagination and escape reality. Painting is all about bringing out happiness. Bob says when he paints there are “no bad things here” and I just really loved that. Often times when I think about painting or drawing I think of it as an outlet from stress or other distractions in life. The second idea that grabbed my attention was when you paint, unlike in real life, if you don’t like something you just change it. When you paint you can change anything you want and it is all in your control. In the real world you have to think about consequences, emotions and many of aspects before changing certain things in life.

Hello world!

Hi! I’m Haylie, a senior at UMW majoring in American Studies and Elementary Education. I plan to be an elementary school teacher!