Final thoughts for final project

I think I have made up my mind about what I want to do for my final project. I am going to create a travel itinerary that includes a vlog like video of the “trip”, menus of restaurants, a playlist to listen to while I’m on the plane or in the car, pictures, a packing list, activity schedule, and then a blog about my experience afterwards. Incorporating all of these pieces into my final project allows me to showcase a little bit of everything we have covered this semester in ds106.

The vlog like video will allow me to practice my video skills; editing, background sounds, music, and voice overs. A menu for restaurants in my final destination, packing list, and schedule will show my design work. A travel playlist will pump me up for this trip but also lets me get creative like Bob Ross. Pictures of my trip will show all the memories and visual aspects to tell my story digitally. The blog at the and that talks about my trip will show my writing abilities which we worked on way in the beginning fo ds106.

I will use most likely use iMovie, Canva, Audacity, and my own photographs to create this travel itinerary. I am excited to see how this project turns out and I think I will be able to use all my creativity to make it exactly how I envision it. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with too!

Just trying to tell a story

This week I am completing another 10 stars worth of video assignments. I am trying to be more intentional with my story behind the videos as a way to enhance my video skills. I used iMovie all week to produce all three of my videos. I started planning out what I was going to do for each video and thought about how these video would tell the best story. Here is number one!

My first video is Favorite Memories showing some of my favorite memories throughout my four years year at UMW. I started with going through all my pictures and figuring out which ones I wanted to use for each year. After I had them all picked out, I added them into iMovie to start the editing process. I loaded all of the pictures on did some editing and then added in titles throughout the movie. I put a title for each year so viewers would know what year each memory was from. At the end I added in Memories by Maroon 5 because this assignment is all about memories. This video told the story of the last four years here in college. As I was making this video I can see how I have changed, my friendships have changed, and even got to relive all these memories. This story is my own and I feel like I got a little more creative while making this video than I normally do.

The second video assignment was All About Me so I shared a little bit about myself using photos, some of my ds106 assignments, and of course, my voice. I added all of this things together into iMovie and started editing. I started by outlining what I wanted to share and then picking out the pictures and assignments that best fit. After I added the pictures I recorded a video of me talking and uploaded it to iMovie. I played around with the timing and the sound to make it all fall into place. This assignment was kind of a challenge when it came to the editing process because my voice overs had to fit just right. This video tells the story of me; who I am and what I am all about.

The third video was a commercial and I chose to make it a commercial for UMW. I was deciding between UMW and DS106, but I had an idea right way for UMW. This was fun to make but SUPER cheesy! Again, I uploaded all videos and pictures to iMovie and started the editing process. I recorded the actual commercial part three times before I uploaded it to iMovie, then I added the picture at the end to make it seem like a real commercial. I didn’t face many challenges with this assignment which makes things a lot easier. I am telling the story of UMW from a student view and why I love it!

Thats a wrap… part 10!

I can’t lie, when I looked at the weekly assignments for week 10 I felt a little overwhelmed but once I started working I was good to go. I felt like I learned a lot this week about how to “read movies” and see videos through a different lens.

I started by expanding on project ideas that my classmates shared. I can see potential in all of these project ideas. I am looking forward to getting started on my final project and seeing what everyone else in the class creates.

My video essay was based on a scene from the movie Little Women and I focused on the camera transitions, the speakers, and camera views. Watching a movie through a “editor lens” was a little weird honestly but once I knew what to look for I got it.

I chose to complete 10 stars worth of video assignments this week. I made 3 different videos and all of them were really fun to make. I became familiar with iMovie which was something new for me. I made a “Get Ready with Me”, “Of importance”, and “Vacation time” as a way do a little bit of different things for each video.

My daily creates this week were simple but I liked them. The quote really resonated with me even though it was simple. I completed my post of the week, commented on posts and liked tweets.

Daily Creates

I completed 2 daily creates this week! The inspirational quote that I picked I actually really liked and feel like it really fit for me. The idea that I (we) grow through the tough stuff or the dirt and make or become something beautiful like a flower. The color palette was really really simple, yet so satisfying for me. Being able to pick out the main colors from the whole picture is very cool to me.

Anddd…. Action!

This week I chose to do choice 2 which means 10 stars worth of video assignments.

Get Ready With Me was fun to create, but also a task I ad to think about. In the morning I just do my routine most of the time half awake so I had to put some thought into it. I completed this video by using Tiktok and added in each segment of my morning routine. After learning about angles, transitions, and other video pieces this video is not “high quality” and would need some work before it hit the big screen but it will do. I did not face any big challenges when filming because I am familiar with Tiktok.

Five things that are important to me!! For me, my five things were easy to choose. I picked my family, my two best friends, my computer, and my planner. IN my video I share why these people and things are important to me. I used iMovie to create this video by uploaded pictures and then adjusting as needed. Then I added my voice over explaining my reasonings. I am becoming comfortable with iMovie so I this didn’t take me very long and only a few edits. The file was too large to add as just a video so I had to post it to youtube then add it here. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to share a little bit about me besides being a student.

Its vacation time!! One fo my favorite vacations was this summer, when I went to Austin Texas! My best friend moved to Texas and I went with another one of my friends to visit her. It was my favorite for a few reasons; I missed my best friend, I’d never been to Texas, I got to see so many new places. We went to an ice cream place, walked around the city, went to to dinner at the Oasis, and made great memories. To create this video I used iMovie; adding pictures from my library and then added music. One challenge I had was the placement of the zooms on each picture. Some pictures zoomed in/out on really weird spots of the picture so I had to play around with editing a little bit. “Reliving” this vacation made me miss my best friend even more and want to go back!

Reading A Movie

When I think about reading movies I think about reading the subtitles, but after reading the article and watching the videos I am thinking differently. The article How to Read a Movie pointed to the fact that you do not have to be an editor in order to visualize these points or understand these movie terms. Anyone can look at a movie scene by scene, or shot by shot and notice details like angles, lighting, and editing.

I chose to look at a scene from Little Women and discuss what editor aspects I noticed. This scene was a good choice after watching and reading our listed assignments. A few things I noticed was camera angles when people are speaking, the eye contact, facial expressions, and camera turns. The editor turned the camera to the speaker and when they didn’t the move of the camera was strategic enough that we still knew you was talking. The facial expressions of the actors and actresses expressed more emotions behind their words. The actors made eye contact with each other when they were speaking as a way to help the viewers know who was speaking when the angle of the camera wasn’t directly on their face. When the camera went into wide views I think it shows the elegance or extravagance of the house.

To complete this assignment I used iMovie and then uploaded it to Youtube. This was my first time using iMovie so it took me a little bit to get used to the formatting and figuring out how to use it. I just started adding things and playing around with buttons until it worked. I enjoyed this assignment because it allowed me to watch a movie I have seen many times through a different lens. When I watch movies I never think about angles, expression, points of view, background, etc. but now I will have that i the back of my head when I watch movies… I don’t know if thats a good thing haha.

Project Expansion Ideas

The Final Countdown: I really liked Grace’s ideas for her final project so I have a few ideas for her! With regards to the first idea- college advice I think you could totally run with it. You could list out advice and create a flyer or even a little booklet. A how-to video for registration or buying textbooks would be useful and a way to incorporate different ways of technology. I don’t know how complicated this would be but you could also do an additional radio show with lessons you have learned from your years in college. All of these ideas allow you to use techniques we have learned and used throughout the semester.

Kendra’s Project Ideas: I thought Kendra had some great ideas for the final project. I had a few ideas after reading her thoughts. I think the podcast would be really beneficial and fun to do. The podcast will allow you to get creative and explain the benefits of DS106 for potential students. I could see you even making a video of all your favorite assignments throughout the semester as a way to showcase all the things you did.

I can totally see both of these project ideas come alive! Both ideas allow for creativity and space to make it your own which really feeds off our class theme of Bob Ross’s creativity. I know a couple people had mentioned this in their blogs, but I think group projects allow for so many more ideas to pop up so I can imagine the finished products of these project swill be great.

Planning Ahead

I really enjoyed making the radio show and I feel like it was super practical. I really enjoy working with other as a way to bounce ideas off of one another. For my final project I could see myself doing something along the lines of college readiness or even something about college memories or life lessons learned during college. I think we learn so much about ourselves and other things in life during these years and sharing them could be fun and beneficial to others in college. Being able to see or hear about people who have had similar experience or learned the same lessons is always a good feeling.

I also love to see new places so something to do with traveling would be fun too! Maybe picking place to travel to and making an itinerary. I feel like this could go in a couple different directions. Maybe “vlog” my trip and even share a travel playlist or a favorite new menu… I don’t know, maybe?

If I am being honest I haven’t given it much thought but, I am pretty open to ideas so I am optimistic I can find a group to work with and make something great!

Weekly Summary #9

This week started with listening to our class radio show. I think listening to the radio show and commenting on discord throughout the show brings a different feel to the experience. I really liked all of our comments on discord on Monday because people pointed out aspects I didn’t notice. I reflected on the Tea on Social Media and I really enjoyed their show.

For my reworks I went back to the beginning of the semester. First I reworked a playlist reflection. I added more songs to my sound cloud playlist and was a little more descriptive with my reasonings for song choices. I think doing this allowed me to think a little outside the box and listen to music as a way to take a break for a few minutes. My second rework was more improvement on the writing side. This assignment was a little tricky to find the right words for the first time so this time around I was more thoughtful. I really enjoyed doing the reworks because I am all about improvement!

While thinking about the final project I started to brainstorm a few ideas. I am excited to see what will come out of these ideas. This week for my daily creates I made it into a Bob Ross story. I found it pretty easy to get creative with Bob Ross because he is so creative. I started the week with a GIF, then I added a poem, and ended with a funny picture!

I commented on my classmates posts and liked tweets. I submitted my Post of the Week. I always enjoy getting to see and read what my classmates create throughout the week.