Last one… almost

I had a rough outline for what I wanted my project to look like and include from previous weeks, but this week I changed my mind completely. The story I what to tell the world is “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and memories I’ve made were in my 4 years of college.” In order to tell this story I will include multiple varieties of assignments that we learned throughout DS106.

Using my design skills that we learned and worked on throughout the semester, I created a poster with my lessons on them. I made this poster on Canva. I picked a template and then played around with the fonts and the sizing to make it how I wanted. I like the simplicity and flow of this poster. The design is not too much that it takes away from the reader and the flow makes the poster easy to read. I think that this poster is appealing and not overbearing.

The second design aspect I brought into my project was a “must do before graduation” list specifically for UMW. Traditions are quite meaningful and important here at Mary Wash so I think these are some things that everyone should do before they graduate. Although these are not all of the traditions or even things I would recommend these are the big ones/easiest one to think of. I went ahead and checked off the ones I have completed already just to add to the checklist aesthetic. I created this checklist using Canva because I am familiar with the website and the editing process.

These are my only creations so far, but my final project will also include a video of my favorite college memories, a playlist of songs that describes my college years so far, and possibly one for piece but I need more time to get creative. This week looks a lot less productive than I panned, but I switched my project idea so had to start at square one again. I am comfortable with telling my “college story” so I am excited to see how this project turns out. As I continue to work on my final project I will work with iMovie to create my video and SoundCloud to create my playlist. Using design, video, auido, and visuals will allow me to showcase what I have learned throughout DS106 this semester.

One week closer to the finish line

I started off this week just like every other week… a to-do list. I picked my mashup assignments for this week and I was really eager to complete them. Once I figured out my Mashup’s, I looked through my past assignments to choose my remixes.

My first mashup assignment was a movie poster. This assignment took some time because I had to search movies being released in 2022. Once I came across Scream I had an idea in mind. I downloaded the movie poster then found a fake picture to use for my movie poster, added some words and boom- its in the theaters! My second mash up was I’m Ready for my close up. I had to pick a celebrity close up picture and place it overtop of a background that was unrelated to the picture. I chose a close up of Kim K crying and cute little fish. I photoshopped, edited, and downloaded pictures in order for this assignment to work. I didn’t run into any huge obstacles doing either of these assignments.

My first remix assignment was called the Uncle Bob Remix and I think this was my favorite assignment this week. I chose an assignment from Week 1 to remix. I started by finding the picture, then I added the picture of Bob Ross into the picture. I saved it to my computer and uploaded it here. My second remix was a mood swing using emojis. I created another emoji story but this time it wasn’t happy. I chose my emojis then I took a picture of myself reenacted each of them. Added all the pictures together beside the emoji and added it to the blog. For both of these assignments I didn’t run into any obstacles, they allowed me to get creative and have fun.

I finalized some more of my final project and started brainstorming on some design looks. There is a possibility I may be working with someone else but we will decide this weekend if that is for sure. I completed three daily creates this week. I completed my posts of the week form and for course commented on my classmates work!

I’m ready for my close up…

These was really funny to create because I ended up going down a rabbit hole of celebrity memes. This assignment was to pick a celebrity close up and then add it to the background of a unrelated feelings. To get things started I google “celebrity close up funny” and I scrolled and scrolled. I came across my favorite one, which is Kim K crying. I saved this picture photoshopped it so that it was just her face then I had to decide what to put the background as. Since she is crying and the background has to be unrelated I went for something that was not scary or sad. I picked a fish and then downloaded that picture and placed the Kim K picture over top. I thought the fish would be something she would actually cry over. I enjoyed this assignment. I didn’t have any trouble making overlapping or picking pictures.

Mood swing

For my second remix I did a remix on my Emoji IRL assignment. The task of the remix was to flip the mood of the previous time, so I did a emoji story of me being scared by a clown. The first time I did this I used a childhood memory which was more of a happy mood, so to remix it I am doing something not happy. I went from “Monkey see, monkey do” to scary clowns… REMIX!

There are two things with this story, one I don’t like being scared and two, I HATE clowns. In order to complete this remix I added all the emojis that I thought were the most fitting. Once I picked out my emojis then I reenacted them, except for the clown. Then I photoshopped the picture of me into smaller sections so that I could fit them beside my emoji. I downloaded the photo to my computer and uploaded it to the blog. This was remix was fun!

I am just going about my day, happy, and then a clown pops up and scares me. Then I give the clown a “mean” look because I don’t like being scared or clowns.
This is my first assignment that I remixed.

Uhhh, is this the right movie??

I chose this mashup assignment because I though tit was kinda funny. I had to pick an upcoming movie and then make a movie cover that is in a way the opposite. To start I looked up movies that were coming out in 2022 and then chose SCREAM. I have never seen this movie and don’t plan on ever seeing it because it is scary- and I don’t do scary. Since this is a scary movie I wanted to make this new movie poster that didn’t look scary. I added the title and the descriptions of the movie to my new poster. I used word to place text over the picture. This assignment made me laugh, but also if it were real life, I would be so mad at the movie producers if they made the poster look like it was a funny and kid-friendly movie.

Uncle Bob Remix

To start my remix assignments I started going through my favorite past assignments and clicking the remix button to see what it would do. For this one, I chose one of my very first DS106 assignments, We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch and remixed it with Uncle Bob.

First I searched through all my posts to find the original assignment and then I made edits. I made a “Brady Bunch” picture but with the people I live with, so for this remix I needed to make some changes. I added a picture of my “uncle Bob” to the house as if he lives with us. Oddly enough I think Bob Ross wouldn’t be a horrible roommate, because all the girls I live with appreciate art and can be artsy. Also I feel like Uncle Bob is really calm and relaxed, maybe he would help de-stress us when school gets to be too much.

The original assignment was prior to Uncle Bob moving in with us, so now there are 5 of us in the house. There are way more paintbrushes laying around and bottles of paint are always available. Uncle Bob is great to have around, his creativity is contagious, but his hairstyle is NOT. Welcome to the Fridge Uncle Bob, we are glad you are joining us.

Week 12 Daily Creates

This week I completed 3 daily creates. All of my posts didn’t really go together but they were creative and I liked them. For the speech bubble post I thought “get out” was a perfect fit. The strawberry lemonade cocktail looked and sounded too good not to post. My Dunkin quincunx was fun to make; I had never heard of a quincunx before.

Week 11… so close to the final line!

Started off this week the same way I always do, with a to-do list of this weeks assignments. I used my day off on Tuesday to film all my video assignments and also edit them. I completed daily creates and commented on classmates work. I also made my decision for my final project and I am getting excited about it.

This week I completed another ten stars worth of video assignments and tried to be more intentional with my story telling throughout them all. The first one was Favorite Memories which I really enjoyed making. I used iMovie to add in all my pictures and then added music to the back ground. The second video I made was All About Me which was a simple idea but took some time to put together. Once I was finished and I tried to upload my video, the file was too big so I had to upload it to Youtube and then post it to my blog. My third video was a commercial for UMW. I used iMovie for this commercial as a way to blend together my video and the graphics at the end. This commercial is so cheesy!

This week was productive and sort of light as far as a work load. I always look forward to seeing everyones work. We are almost to the finish line y’all, we can do it!!

Daily Creates week 11

I completed three daily creates this week. This week got me laughing a couple of times honestly. I liked some of my classmates tweets so show interaction.

Final thoughts for final project

I think I have made up my mind about what I want to do for my final project. I am going to create a travel itinerary that includes a vlog like video of the “trip”, menus of restaurants, a playlist to listen to while I’m on the plane or in the car, pictures, a packing list, activity schedule, and then a blog about my experience afterwards. Incorporating all of these pieces into my final project allows me to showcase a little bit of everything we have covered this semester in ds106.

The vlog like video will allow me to practice my video skills; editing, background sounds, music, and voice overs. A menu for restaurants in my final destination, packing list, and schedule will show my design work. A travel playlist will pump me up for this trip but also lets me get creative like Bob Ross. Pictures of my trip will show all the memories and visual aspects to tell my story digitally. The blog at the and that talks about my trip will show my writing abilities which we worked on way in the beginning fo ds106.

I will use most likely use iMovie, Canva, Audacity, and my own photographs to create this travel itinerary. I am excited to see how this project turns out and I think I will be able to use all my creativity to make it exactly how I envision it. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with too!