Week 6 Summary

This week I started with watching the videos and reading the articles to reflect on my design techniques and knowledge. Both video were informative but didn’t bore me while watching them. My Design Blitz was a mixture of a few things but this way I was able to find multiple aspects of design. I took pictures of 3 designs and uploaded them to Flickr and then embedded them into my blog. After learning about design features I started to view signs differently this week.

For design week I started with create my own menu. I created a menu for The Happy Haylie the name of the restaurant I would open if money wasn’t a thing. Creating this menu was really fun. Then I created a logo to go along with my restaurant. I incorporated the same colors to keep a more professional look to it. These were the two assignments I connected to Bob Ross because I could make them my own, the canvas and palette was all my choice. Then I created a wedding invitation which was really cool because as I mention in my blog, I am in a wedding next year and I am helping plan the wedding so this was useful. I finished this week with a drawing of the tattoo that I will possibly get one day if I can commit to it.

This week allowed me to be super creative and I really enjoyed making all of these assignments. I commented on my classmates blogs, completed 3 daily creates, and submitted my post of the week!!

Design Blitz


This sign is represents two concepts; minimalism/usage of space and unity. The sign is very large yet not “busy” at all. The sign is very minimal, I mean there are only five words on the whole thing. The sign is kept minimal by only incorporating a few words (the name of the ministry and our slogan). The large space is filled and maximized. I also think this sign represents unity, but it is hard to tell unless you know what happens in the building. The community is a family and works as a team!

The covid poster is next and I hope they go away soon because I want Covid to go away! I think this poster displays form/function/message and color. The poster gets to the point; wear a masks and distance yourself. The function of this poster is to inform people as they walk in the building. The message is in order to keep us safe and healthy we are asking you to wear a mask and distance. This poster uses multiple colors to make the poster noticeable. Although this poster includes color, they are not too much.

The cover of the Mean Girls DVD was my last design. This DVD cover displays balance and metaphor/symbols. I think the cover shows balance because the pictures are just the right size to fill the space and the title of the movie is placed at the top in the center to keep things balanced. The picture of Lindsay Lohan is bigger than the other girls and placed in front while the other girls are smaller and further back symbolizes that she is “better” than them. I think the placement of the characters is totally a metaphor for the story line of Mean Girls.

Some ink

This is a tattoo that if I ever stir up enough courage I will one day get. This is something I drew that resembles my thoughts. I have struggled with being enough and this tattoo reminds me that I am enough in Jesus’ eyes which is all that matters. The ways or thoughts of the world are temporary but His kingdom is forever. Okay, so yeah that was a little deep, but this tattoo hols a lot of meaning for me and describes my character.

The I Do Crew

My roommate my freshman and sophomore year is getting married next year and I am in her wedding! I have been helping her plan for months now and I am so excited! One of the things I am helping her with right now is wedding invites because she wants to have options to choose from. This assignment was actually really fun because I got to make 3 possible invites for her to think about. I incorporated her colors and kept it simple because she is very low key. I began search for templates and then I tried different fonts till I found the one I thought fit the best. After the letter font, I moved to how to phrase things and most importantly spell check!

A little logo

I decided to create a logo for my make believe restaurant I created a menu for. I guess I kind of did this creation process backwards because I created the menu before the actual logo but, here we are. I wanted to keep the same color scheme as the menu to keep it organized. I chose a black background with yellow center space as a way to bring out the gold in the menu. I added stars around the lettering to bring all the colors together. The name of the restaurant, The Happy Haylie I chose because it is some of my favorite foods and food makes most people happy. I enjoyed making this logo because I got to be creative but I also didn’t have to think too hard because I already picked the colors for the menu.

The Happy Haylie

I have always thought it was be so cool to have my own restaurant, but I do not know the first thing about doing that. Being able to create a space where all my favorite foods are available and served in an environment that resembles who I am or what I like is appealing to me. For this assignment I took the first step in the creation of my restaurant and made a menu. I think black and white with a pop of color look professional and classy so I ran with it. I started thinking about what I would want to serve and then added them on. I remembered the entrees and appetizers with no problem but it wasn’t until the every end that I added the drinks! As I was making the menu I was reminded of Bob Ross saying “make this canvas your own” I am the greater of this restaurant menu so I can make it how I want.

Late night design thoughts

After watching the two video and reading the two articles I have a different outlook on design and its features. Often times I only pay attention to design when it (picture, building, home, etc) is over the top, but now I think I will start to notice the subtle things.

In the video Open Culture the artist emphasizes the importance of background color and their effect on the way the picture is portrayed. He also mentions dead space; it there is too much it makes it look unfinished. The author says that when he creates his posters he creates with the intention to draw people in. In the video Stranger Things the designers wanted the letters to be original and make it seem like this design was only made for this movie. This design in particular was a fix of digital and physical mediums to create the perfect look.

In the article The Vignelli Canon the author says that the three most important aspects to design are semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics. Semantics is the meaning behind your design; why are we making this? Syntactics are the grammar and phrases used within the design to meet the standards of who it is being made for. Pragmatics is the clarity of the design; can someone look at the design and know exactly what the purpose of it is without asking questions? In the Kids Guide the author points out that everything that is built had to be designed, so designs are all around us. He also shows us that designs open our minds to sp much more after and while we look at the design.

Designs are crucial to the message trying to be told, so details matter! When I think of designing things I tend to start with the question “where do I want my eyes to look first?” and make that my main point. Designs tell as story just like photographs, videos, and sounds do.

Week 5 Summary

All about audio this week! I felt a little in over my head this week if I’m being completely honest. I went to the DKC this week to figure out how to use Audacity since I would be using it all this week. I started with the radio bumper and then worked on my 3 assignments.

I started with rhythms with things and I did the cup song with two different cups to make different sounds. This was probably my favorite assignment this week because I am constantly tapping something. The most difficult assignment this week was my choice of layering an instrumental and acapella track. Finding the versions of songs were not hard but layering them was the obstacle. Stay hydrated was really fun to create. Telling a story without talking was a weird concept to me because I love to talk.

This week I only completed three daily creates and they were pretty fun to make. I like being able see how my classmates were creative with the posts. I nominated three posts for this week. I spent some time commenting on blogs and just looking through blogs.