Weekly Summary #9

This week started with listening to our class radio show. I think listening to the radio show and commenting on discord throughout the show brings a different feel to the experience. I really liked all of our comments on discord on Monday because people pointed out aspects I didn’t notice. I reflected on the Tea on Social Media and I really enjoyed their show.

For my reworks I went back to the beginning of the semester. First I reworked a playlist reflection. I added more songs to my sound cloud playlist and was a little more descriptive with my reasonings for song choices. I think doing this allowed me to think a little outside the box and listen to music as a way to take a break for a few minutes. My second rework was more improvement on the writing side. This assignment was a little tricky to find the right words for the first time so this time around I was more thoughtful. I really enjoyed doing the reworks because I am all about improvement!

While thinking about the final project I started to brainstorm a few ideas. I am excited to see what will come out of these ideas. This week for my daily creates I made it into a Bob Ross story. I found it pretty easy to get creative with Bob Ross because he is so creative. I started the week with a GIF, then I added a poem, and ended with a funny picture!

I commented on my classmates posts and liked tweets. I submitted my Post of the Week. I always enjoy getting to see and read what my classmates create throughout the week.

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