Week 8 was great!!

This week we put all of our segments together to create our radio show. The first segments was from Kylie talking about meal plans and getting involved, then Grace talks about laundry and on-campus jobs, Meredith gives some insight on time management and provides dorm safe recipes, then I (Haylie) follow her with ways to stay organized, and finally Macey ends the show with sharing resources for students on campus! All five of us sent our segments as mp3s to Grace and she put them all together. Last week we all created a bumper and commercial so when we met as a group this week we could decide where we wanted to place them. All of our commercials have to do with our theme of freshman advice which is a pretty cool element to our show. Our bumpers all sound a little different which brings a variety to the radio show.

Grace pieced together all of our segments using Audacity. From Audacity she uploaded it to SoundCloud so anyone can listen. I think as a group we worked really well together and made a great radio show. In the real world, this advice would be useful so if we really wanted to we could share it with new freshman at UMW.

I really enjoyed making this radio show with my group. We didn’t run into any obstacles per say, but we did have to shorten a few segments to meet time requirements. Overall, this radio show was pretty straightforward and didn’t cause much stress. I hope our listeners enjoy the show! I look forward to listening to everyone else’s!

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