Week 6 Summary

This week I started with watching the videos and reading the articles to reflect on my design techniques and knowledge. Both video were informative but didn’t bore me while watching them. My Design Blitz was a mixture of a few things but this way I was able to find multiple aspects of design. I took pictures of 3 designs and uploaded them to Flickr and then embedded them into my blog. After learning about design features I started to view signs differently this week.

For design week I started with create my own menu. I created a menu for The Happy Haylie the name of the restaurant I would open if money wasn’t a thing. Creating this menu was really fun. Then I created a logo to go along with my restaurant. I incorporated the same colors to keep a more professional look to it. These were the two assignments I connected to Bob Ross because I could make them my own, the canvas and palette was all my choice. Then I created a wedding invitation which was really cool because as I mention in my blog, I am in a wedding next year and I am helping plan the wedding so this was useful. I finished this week with a drawing of the tattoo that I will possibly get one day if I can commit to it.

This week allowed me to be super creative and I really enjoyed making all of these assignments. I commented on my classmates blogs, completed 3 daily creates, and submitted my post of the week!!

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