Week 3 Summary

This week’s assignments felt comfortable and very doable. I am feeling comfortable making my posts and implementing a few of our platforms in the mix. I started the week reviewing what we were doing this week and picking my three writing assignments for this week. After watching the videos for this week and reading the article, I reflected on my thoughts and made my post about my favorite story line. This post took the most time out of all of them this week because it required some thought. I did like this assignment though because I usually don’t think about storylines in this way.

I started with the assignment “Emotional Lyrics” and I decided I wanted to make a playlist to go along with my blog. I chose the emotion “happy” because I could think of songs off the top of my head to use. I titled this blog A Little Bit of Sunshine because thought it was fitting. I often times look up the lyrics to songs and try to figure out the meaning behind them so this assignment was right up my alley.

The assignment “Bucket List” was by far my favorite this week! I love adding items to my bucket list, but being able to make a list to share with others was cool. This assignment allowed me to think about why I wanted to go or do the things because often times I just say “because I want to.” These are my 5 things!

When I chose the writing assignment “Who inspires you?” I knew exactly who I was writing about. Writing about my second grade teacher was easy, but I got a little emotional writing it. I don’t know if I was actually emotional or if I was just completely exhausted- both are very possible. Mrs. Felton is The Reason Why I want to be a teacher and I am forever grateful for the impact she had and continues to have on my life.

My letter “To My Mom” was a weird feeling honestly. I tell my mom all the time how grateful I am for her and that I love her so much but writing it out was a different experience. I wanted to add some funny stories but they are embarrassing so I decided to leave them out. Me and my brother joking call my mom a Mama Bear because she is protective over us so I thought that would be fitting to title my blog.

I completed three daily creates for this week and liked and commented on classmates’ blogs. I tried to make a point to comment on blogs that I haven’t before. I love being able to see what my other classmates are creating.

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