Week 2 Summary

Week two was way better than week one! I felt more comfortable with word press and doing the assignments. I marked the daily creates in my planner so that I remembered to do them each day. I browsed through the assignment bank and picked the ones that stuck out to me. Then I got to work!

The daily creates were interesting to me and I think this is a good way to keep me involved in the class everyday. My favorite daily create was on Wednesday because I thought it was funny to see all the responses from our class.

I started with the Visual Assignment and it was really fun for me! I used powerpoint to upload each picture and then added a title. I really enjoyed making this one and I am hopeful that my next visual assignment will be fun too!

After I completed my visual assignment I began working on my writing assignment which I connected to my visual. I chose to connect my writing by creating an acrostic poem for not only myself but all of my roommates as a way to connect the two posts. I enjoyed doing this assignment too because it allowed me to think beyond simple words to describe my roommates.

I needed time before completing my last assignment so I wrote about me “being an artist.” This post was sort of difficult because I don’t see myself as an artist, but I know I am creative. I really liked that this post got my thinking more than I normally do. I had to think of why I don’t see myself as an artist and what an artist looks like to me.

Last, but not least… my favorite assignment of the week! The one where I used tiktok. This was so fun for me to do! I videoed each one of my meals and posted it to tiktok to share with the class. I have a few ideas for future video assignments that I may be able to use for this class.

In between all of these assignments I commented on several peers’ blog posts and liked tweets. Liking the tweets is a very simple task, but the comments on the blog were more thought through. I enjoyed taking the time to look at what others have created and being able to tell them my thoughts. Today I realized I haven’t really used discord so I am making that a goal for next week to remember to interact on that platform as well.

I really enjoyed this week and have a positive outlook on the rest of this semester! These assignments allow be to think creatively which I am very thankful for! I am looking forward to next weeks assignments and getting to see everyone else’s work too!

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