Some more sunshine

I chose to redo one of my assignments from the beginning of the semester. This assignment was to think of an emotion and pick 3 songs that expressed that emotion and explain why. When I first completed this assignment I made a playlist of 3 songs (Happy, Shake It Off, and Keep Your Head Up) but for my redo I added a few more songs! Now my playlist has 8 songs and a little more meaning.

I added to the playlist 5 new songs; “Buy Dirt”, “Almond Eyes”, “Famous For”, “I Like Me Better”, and “Intentions.” Each one of these songs dives a little more into the emotion of happy. Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis is explaining that you can’t buy happiness but you can marry the person you love, do a job you love, go to church, and buy dirt to build your family on; which will give you happiness. I love this song and think it is super sweet and thoughtful. The song Almond Eyes is a super heartfelt song by Brandon Lake. He wrote this song talking about his wife’s “almond eyes” and how he is so grateful he gets to look at them forever and how much he loves her. Taren Wells’ song Famous For is talking about he wants God to continue to show us his goodness and show us what he is “famous for” meaning his miracles, love, and good works. I Like Me Better by Lauv just puts me in a good mood. The singer is telling us that he thinks he is a better person when he is with his significant other, which makes me happy that they are happy. The last song, Intentions by Justin Bieber is another song that just makes me happy. He is “hyping” his wife Hailey up throughout this whole song which is great.

Even though these newly added songs aren’t all directly talking about happiness, I find happiness in them while I am listening. There is something about music that is just good for the soul. Sometimes I find that lyrics are the words I needed to say I just couldn’t find them.

So for my redo, I added new songs and went a little deeper with the meaning of the assignment. Being able to bring additional songs makes the playlist worthwhile. I also enjoyed doing this redo because I got to listen to music and truly listen to the words. I think being able to spend more time on this assignment and think about songs more than just surface level was beneficial for me.

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