Planning Ahead

I really enjoyed making the radio show and I feel like it was super practical. I really enjoy working with other as a way to bounce ideas off of one another. For my final project I could see myself doing something along the lines of college readiness or even something about college memories or life lessons learned during college. I think we learn so much about ourselves and other things in life during these years and sharing them could be fun and beneficial to others in college. Being able to see or hear about people who have had similar experience or learned the same lessons is always a good feeling.

I also love to see new places so something to do with traveling would be fun too! Maybe picking place to travel to and making an itinerary. I feel like this could go in a couple different directions. Maybe “vlog” my trip and even share a travel playlist or a favorite new menu… I don’t know, maybe?

If I am being honest I haven’t given it much thought but, I am pretty open to ideas so I am optimistic I can find a group to work with and make something great!

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