One of the best stories!

One of my favorite stories is the plot line of the old TV show One Tree Hill. All nine seasons and 187 episodes share a little more of the greatest story. Each episode pulled me in a little more and I got invested in the show. After reading the chapter and watching the two videos for this week, I would say that this story has a roller coaster shape. Characters change, fall in love, fall out of love, move out , die, and some just keep living life to the fullest. There are love triangles, friends and family drama, a deep love for the game of basketball, and so much more all in a little town called Tree Hill.

By watching this TV show you can totally tell that it is an “older” show by the way that the characters are dressed, how they talk, and the music they play in the background. All this being said, it was still a phenomenal show to watch. I loved all the moving pieces to the storyline but also how emotional and relatable it was. I felt as if I could relate to the characters. I personally feel that being able to relate to the characters is a huge part of deciding if someone likes the story and wants to hear more. For me personally, horror movies, thrillers, and some mysteries don’t appeal to me because I can’t relate to the characters, but also I don’t find them enjoyable to watch or to hear. On the other hand, I love a good rom-com, fantasy, drama, and even comedy movie or story because they keep my attention.

The story line of One Tree Hill is complex but so good. There were a few moments when I thought the plot was being stretched a little too much. The storywriters did a great job of using relatable issues for teen and young adults to relate to and they also picked “age appropriate” music for their audience. The selected songs throughout all nine seasons were songs that were familiar which I think drew some people in even more because it was another part of the story they liked. The storywriters knew how to keep the audience guessing by ending episodes in just the right spot to leave you wanting more!

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