My 5 things

My bucket list in real life has a lot more than five things, but we will keep this one short! I can dream big, but in reality on a teacher salary a lot of these things will only happen if my husband had a great paying job! Here we go…

  1. Go to Bora Bora! I would love to go to Bora Bora and stay in the Bungalows on the water. I want to go here because the view is just spectacular and I love the beach. Water is super calming to me; oceans, lakes, rivers! In a dream world I would spend like 10 days here and just soak it all in!
  2. Go on an African Safari! AHH, this would be amazing! I love animals and thing they are so cool and interesting to learn about! I adore elephants and giraffes so I think this would be perfect! Also, can we talk about just the experience of riding in an open jeep, getting to be a couple feet away from beautiful animals, and seeing gorgeous views?! Sign me up!!!
  3. Attend the Olympics. I love the Olympics and watching them and I feel like seeing them in real life would be such a cool experience. Honestly, I really would just want to see gymnastics and diving and then for winter games, skiing or ice skating.
  4. Star gaze, but like for real. This sounds super simple, but I feel like the stars are never super clear, so I would love to go somewhere that gets clear skies at night and just star gaze!
  5. Own 2 english bulldogs! I would love to have two named Diesel and Tank. English bulldogs are expensive and have many health issues, but if I can afford them I would love it!

3 Replies to “My 5 things”

  1. These all sound like things you very well might be able to do if you plan ahead! Hopefully things will go back to normal in the next year or so and you can start making your dreams a reality!

  2. Bucket lists are so fun! They may just seem like dreams, but dreams can easily be turned into reality with the power of will and planning, as Lyndsey stated. Star gazing was on my list too, and I finally was able to do it during the summer of 2018! I went on a trip with my grandparents to Michigan. Part of our trip we spent a few nights in the Upper Peninsula. My grandmother told me how you could see the stars really well and I was so excited. One night I drove out to the middle of nowhere at 2:00 am alone. I parked on the side of the road right alongside Lake Superior, set up my camera, and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Soon my eyes were filled with the dazzling lights from the stars. The milky way was so grand I couldn’t view the whole thing with one gaze. It was spectacular!

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