Mama Bear

Dear Mama,

Thank you isn’t really enough but thats all I can really think of. You are such an amazing woman I don’t think you understand how lucky people are to get to know you. You are a go-getter, extremely extraverted, and nurturing like no other! There is no doubt in my mind that you were made to be a mother and I am so glad you are mine! My thanks starts with carrying me around for 9 months, using all your energy to make sure me and Connor (my brother) were taken care of, for being my chauffeur for many years, being the best role model, and most importantly for loving me well! We get told all the time that we are so much alike and I may roll my eyes sometimes, but on the inside I take that as the biggest compliment and I hope you know that! I love you more than you know mama!



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  1. This so sweet and beautiful, Haylie! I am also very close with my mother. She is literally my best friend and I am so blessed to have her so I can totally relate. I think no matter at what age, we need our moms!

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