How to Survive: Advice From the Five

My group got started working right away. We all agreed on the topic “Freshman advice” because we think we can give a lot of good insight while making it enjoyable. We created a group chat to start brainstorming ideas and figuring out when we wanted to meet up. This week we each have started to work on radio bumpers and commercials to add into our radio show on our own. I got a jump start on the radio promos and crated a logo and sticker for our show. I made a commercial about a planner both paper and digital because that was my best advice; stay organized. I also made a radio bumper that was simple and to the point.

We met this week to begin recording and figuring out the logistics. At our meeting we decided that Grace will upload everything to her SoundCloud. We designed our layout of the radio show and what we each plan to discuss. We each are creating a bumper and a commercial and we will figure out which ones we want to put in certain time frames. We have successful created a intro to our radio show and we are getting excited to put it all together.

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