Crazy Crafts

This would be the camp I would beg my mom to sign me up for! I loved arts and crafts when I was younger and I think this camp would be a great fit. Getting to do crafts for 5 hours sounds like such a mess but also so much creativity! There could be painting, sculpting, sewing, coloring, and so much more! I included the title, dates, times, cost, and a little description on the poster. I think having the minimum on posters makes it look less messy and overwhelming.

I found the background online and then used snapchat to add the text. Then I downloaded it to my photos and added it here! My only difficulty was finding the perfect background for this poster. Bob Ross says “I think there’s an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us.” This camp will allow students to tap into their artistic side and let their imagination run free!

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  1. YEEESSSS!!! We need a crafting camp! Kids need the opportunity to create anything and everything their hearts desire in order to discover their creative abilities and express themselves through art.

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