A Good Bunch

To start week 2 I began to explore the Assignment Bank to see what my options were for this week! I started in Visual assignment and found what I thought was the perfect one for me.

I chose the The Brady Bunch assignment because once I saw it I knew what I was going to do. The objective of this assignment was to take the legendary square icon of the hit show The Brady Bunch and make it your own. I chose to make my “bunch” with my roommates. We named our house the Fridge because it is a big white box and a fridge sort of resembles that. It seemed only necessary to call ourselves the snacks if we lived in the fridge… hence the picture below.

Week 2 Assignment 1

When I chose this assignment I wasn’t quite sure how I would put all of the pictures together, but then I decided to use PowerPoint because it was the most simple. First I picked out the pictures I wanted to use for each of us, then I took a picture of our house. Then I pasted the house in the middle and placed our headshots around it. Once I fixed the sizes of the pictures I added titles.

This assignment was really fun to do and honestly, I think it fit perfectly. I knew how to work PowerPoint so I didn’t run into any issues. The most time consuming part of this assignment was finding the pictures for each of us. I chose each one of my roommates because we all live together and make one “family” just as the Brady family became one family.

Assignment Bank Choice

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  1. I love how you’re all a good example of a “Brunch” living in your Fridge. That sounded corny, but I couldn’t help it! The entire thing is very visually pleasing, and the inclusion of your house makes the project feel more homey!

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