A better photographer

I chose 3 pictures to analyze and describe their photo points.

Day trip to DC with family!

When looking at this picture it has a couple of photo points I want to share. The first is that the foreground outdoes the background. The lady that took this picture chose to capture a picture in a wide lens to get a larger view. I also think that the moment of this picture can share some insight too. In the moment of this picture the amount of people walking around slowed down or at least appears this way. We were taking a family day trip to DC so this picture was “proof” that it happened. I would say that the balance of this picture is pretty good. We are placed right in the middle and have an equal balance on both sides.

Birthday Celebration

This picture has two main photo points, lighting and perspective. The lighting was really good and kept us from squinting our eyes in the sun. The amount of sun shining down allowed for a “glow” on our faces. The perspective of this picture was from a higher view. I forget who took this picture, but they took it from higher ground.

A lake in Tennessee

This photo of al lake is showing depth. The size of this lake and the views surrounding it are captured in this picture. I think this picture explains that bodies of water are enormous and pictures only capture a fraction of its size but with depth you can get a pretty good idea.

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