Just trying to tell a story

This week I am completing another 10 stars worth of video assignments. I am trying to be more intentional with my story behind the videos as a way to enhance my video skills. I used iMovie all week to produce all three of my videos. I started planning out what I was going to do for each video and thought about how these video would tell the best story. Here is number one!

My first video is Favorite Memories showing some of my favorite memories throughout my four years year at UMW. I started with going through all my pictures and figuring out which ones I wanted to use for each year. After I had them all picked out, I added them into iMovie to start the editing process. I loaded all of the pictures on did some editing and then added in titles throughout the movie. I put a title for each year so viewers would know what year each memory was from. At the end I added in Memories by Maroon 5 because this assignment is all about memories. This video told the story of the last four years here in college. As I was making this video I can see how I have changed, my friendships have changed, and even got to relive all these memories. This story is my own and I feel like I got a little more creative while making this video than I normally do.

The second video assignment was All About Me so I shared a little bit about myself using photos, some of my ds106 assignments, and of course, my voice. I added all of this things together into iMovie and started editing. I started by outlining what I wanted to share and then picking out the pictures and assignments that best fit. After I added the pictures I recorded a video of me talking and uploaded it to iMovie. I played around with the timing and the sound to make it all fall into place. This assignment was kind of a challenge when it came to the editing process because my voice overs had to fit just right. This video tells the story of me; who I am and what I am all about.

The third video was a commercial and I chose to make it a commercial for UMW. I was deciding between UMW and DS106, but I had an idea right way for UMW. This was fun to make but SUPER cheesy! Again, I uploaded all videos and pictures to iMovie and started the editing process. I recorded the actual commercial part three times before I uploaded it to iMovie, then I added the picture at the end to make it seem like a real commercial. I didn’t face many challenges with this assignment which makes things a lot easier. I am telling the story of UMW from a student view and why I love it!