Anddd…. Action!

This week I chose to do choice 2 which means 10 stars worth of video assignments.

Get Ready With Me was fun to create, but also a task I ad to think about. In the morning I just do my routine most of the time half awake so I had to put some thought into it. I completed this video by using Tiktok and added in each segment of my morning routine. After learning about angles, transitions, and other video pieces this video is not “high quality” and would need some work before it hit the big screen but it will do. I did not face any big challenges when filming because I am familiar with Tiktok.

Five things that are important to me!! For me, my five things were easy to choose. I picked my family, my two best friends, my computer, and my planner. IN my video I share why these people and things are important to me. I used iMovie to create this video by uploaded pictures and then adjusting as needed. Then I added my voice over explaining my reasonings. I am becoming comfortable with iMovie so I this didn’t take me very long and only a few edits. The file was too large to add as just a video so I had to post it to youtube then add it here. I enjoyed this assignment because I got to share a little bit about me besides being a student.

Its vacation time!! One fo my favorite vacations was this summer, when I went to Austin Texas! My best friend moved to Texas and I went with another one of my friends to visit her. It was my favorite for a few reasons; I missed my best friend, I’d never been to Texas, I got to see so many new places. We went to an ice cream place, walked around the city, went to to dinner at the Oasis, and made great memories. To create this video I used iMovie; adding pictures from my library and then added music. One challenge I had was the placement of the zooms on each picture. Some pictures zoomed in/out on really weird spots of the picture so I had to play around with editing a little bit. “Reliving” this vacation made me miss my best friend even more and want to go back!