Visuals of Storytelling

I am not a photographer by any means but I love pictures. I think photos capture memories and moments so perfectly. I take the most pictures with friends and family and of pretty views. Individual pictures, like self-portraits I think have a time and a place: graduation, headshots, maternity, wedding, etc. For me personally I don’t see the point of having self- portraits because I’m not going to do anything with them so why take them.

One of my favorite things to do with pictures is to print them out and hang them up. In an age of technology I would rather have pictures printed out than just on my phone. I love looking through old pictures and reminiscing on the memories. One tradition in my house is to look through scrapbooks around the holidays or birthdays which I find so fun.

Without being a photographer I have learned that lighting and angles are some the most important parts of taking a good picture. I also think that sometimes just snapping the camera makes the best pictures. When I ask someone to take a picture for me I always say “just keep snapping” and usually get a few good ones out of the bunch. I do have have to say sometimes no matter if you are a professional or not, some poses or picture ideas just do not work!

As far as tips and tricks, I don’t have many but there are a few that I use consistently. There are some days that I envy photographers because I wish I knew all the tricks in the book and could make pictures look exactly how I want them too.