Stay hydrated

This assignment made me think creatively. Telling a “story” without words was somewhat difficult for me because I LOVE to talk. I would rather just tell you a story instead of attempting without words.

I told the “story” of me filling up my water bottle. I started with unscrewing the lid, then I cracked the ice tray because I don’t have an ice maker. Then I dropped the ice cubes into my water bottle and filled it up with water. I screwed the lid back on and took a drink!

This your reminder to stay hydrated y’all! Get a cute water bottle and fill that sucker up all day!

Week 4 Summary

A week full of visual art!! I started this week really thinking about photography and what it means to truly capture a moment in time. I analyzed my photography skills which are very minimal and figured out ways I could make my pictures better. The PhotoBlitz was really fun to do but it also gave me a reason to walk around and get some fresh air. This week we had to complete 14 stars of assignments which wasn’t horrible.

The assignment My Happy Place was all about water. I feel the most as ease when I am around water. The sound, the view, and the smell of salt water is just good for the soul. This assignment made me think about places that truly make me calm and why. The post Unhappy Birthday was fun to do because I got to add stickers on my unhappy face. Finding a picture of me being sad was the most difficult part of this assignment, but I liked added happiness to the sad face. Creating the poster for Crazy Crafts made me feel like I was at my summer job again. During the summer I came up with summer camp themes and then planned the classes so this brought make memories. I used snapchat to add in the rainbow letters. Color Changer made me use heavy filters which I don’t normally do. After changing the color I realized that filters can truly change the meaning behind a picture. Music is an outlet for me so adding meaningful lyrics to a picture was special. Words have so much meaning so when I find the perfect words I feel super put together. Monkey See, Monkey Do was my favorite assignment this week because it took me down memory lane with my family. Some days I wish I could be little again and not have a care in the world!

I did 3 daily creates this week. I took the time to comment on my classmates blogs and like tweets. I also nominated my top three posts for this week!

Come Eat With Me!!

Once I clicked on Video Assignments and saw this option I stopped looking. I knew exactly how I was going to compelte this assignment and it wasn’t going to be too difficult. I used tiktok to create this video because this is a tiktok trend.

I started with breakfast and was eager to do all my meals. I thought out each meal ahead of time so all I had to do was remember to record it! I started with a bagel with cream cheese and some grapes then waited till lunch. Once lunch time came around, I opened my lunch box, set out my food and hit record. Of course I had to have a snack in between lunch and dinner but since I was recording I made it a healthy snack.. an apple. When dinner was served I hit record to show my plate. After dinner me and my roommates went to Blue Cow and I hit that record button one last time for my dessert.

Once all my melas were recorded I made sure they flowed smoothly and then I had to decided if I wanted to do a voice over or music. I chose to do a voice over because trying to pick a song was too much pressure. Voice over finished, video uploaded, and now I’m posting it here too.

Week 2 Assignment 3

I really enjoyed this assignment, it was a lot of fun. Honestly the biggest challenge was actually remembering to record my food before I ate it all. I used Tiktok because I am familiar with the platform. I can see myself doing similar videos for future video assignments in this class.

What’s Your Name??

After I decided on my visual assignment and I went to writing next to see what else I could find. I chose the Acrostic Poem assignment because I used to do these all the time when I was younger so I figured I would give it a go. One of the requirements for this week was to relate two assignments in some way; I am connecting The Brady Bunch and the Acrostic Poem assignments. In order to connect them I made poems with my roommates names.

After I decided on this topic I got to work! I started with writing each one of our names down on a scratch piece of paper. I started to add adjectives as I thought of them for each of us. Once I had all the letters filled in with an adjective I wrote them down and picked colors for each of us. At the end I spell checked my words. I transferred each of our names onto their own piece of paper and wrote out the adjectives neatly. After completing all four poems I took pictures of them and added them into an album on Flickr.

Week 2 Assignment 2

I created an acrostic poem for my name and each of my roommates as a way to connect my previous assignment as redirected in this weeks guidelines. As I was filling in adjectives for each letter I used the first adjective that came to mind. Each adjective that I used was a positive attribute of myself and my roommates. This allowed me to think outside the box and find new words then what is normally used like “kind, hard-working, or smart” which was somewhat fun.

Overall, I didn’t run into to many difficulties in this assignment but I did have two. The first obstacle I faced was finding adjectives for each letter because I didn’t want to repeat any words. The second obstacle I faced was a being content with the way my handwriting looked when I wrote each name. I am slightly a perfectionist so when lines aren’t straight or letters aren’t the “right” size it drives me crazy. I had no issues uploading these pictures to Flickr because I have become comfortable with this platform. I enjoyed this assignment as well; it brought back memories from when I would make acrostic poems for my friends in elementary school.

Assignment Bank Choice