Late night design thoughts

After watching the two video and reading the two articles I have a different outlook on design and its features. Often times I only pay attention to design when it (picture, building, home, etc) is over the top, but now I think I will start to notice the subtle things.

In the video Open Culture the artist emphasizes the importance of background color and their effect on the way the picture is portrayed. He also mentions dead space; it there is too much it makes it look unfinished. The author says that when he creates his posters he creates with the intention to draw people in. In the video Stranger Things the designers wanted the letters to be original and make it seem like this design was only made for this movie. This design in particular was a fix of digital and physical mediums to create the perfect look.

In the article The Vignelli Canon the author says that the three most important aspects to design are semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics. Semantics is the meaning behind your design; why are we making this? Syntactics are the grammar and phrases used within the design to meet the standards of who it is being made for. Pragmatics is the clarity of the design; can someone look at the design and know exactly what the purpose of it is without asking questions? In the Kids Guide the author points out that everything that is built had to be designed, so designs are all around us. He also shows us that designs open our minds to sp much more after and while we look at the design.

Designs are crucial to the message trying to be told, so details matter! When I think of designing things I tend to start with the question “where do I want my eyes to look first?” and make that my main point. Designs tell as story just like photographs, videos, and sounds do.