Sounds, sounds, and more sounds

Sound effects often times get overlooked because we can’t see them. Sounds make a story more intense, emotional, they even allow a space for immigration. I think sounds complete the story; pictures and videos obviously show you the story but the sounds give you the full effect. In Moon Graffiti the sounds made me think I was a part of the story. The sounds they chose made the story come alive. Because of the sounds I could picture exactly what was happening throughout the story.

After reading and listening to what was assigned for this week, I realized that sound has just as much of an impact as words and pictures do. In order to create the full story all the element shave to be involved. When it comes to stories on TV or videos online, we can physically see the story so we focus on the visual story but when we listen tot a story like on the radio we have to rely on the sounds to understand.

When you think about sounds effecting how to you interpret a story it is actually pretty neat. When I listen to a podcast I am very aware of the sounds in the background, when I listen to song I am aware of all the instruments that are used, and when someone tells as story normal interactions the sounds around us influence how I hear the story. Abumrad shares that he sees audio storytelling like radio, as a co-authorship because he is “painting” a picture for us but we (the listener) are actually holding the paintbrush.

0:40-0:57 is all about co-authorship