All Four Years of College

The story I what to tell the world is “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and memories I’ve made were in my 4 years of college.” In order to tell this story I will include multiple varieties of assignments that we learned throughout DS106. I have included some design features, audio sounds, video, and some writing.

Using my design skills that we learned and worked on throughout the semester, I created a poster with my lessons on them. I made this poster on Canva. I picked a template and then played around with the fonts and the sizing to make it how I wanted. I like the simplicity and flow of this poster. The design is not too much that it takes away from the reader and the flow makes the poster easy to read. I think that this poster is appealing and not overbearing.

The second design aspect I brought into my project was a “must do before graduation” list specifically for UMW. Traditions are quite meaningful and important here at Mary Wash so I think these are some things that everyone should do before they graduate. Although these are not all of the traditions or even things I would recommend these are the big ones/easiest one to think of. I went ahead and checked off the ones I have completed already just to add to the checklist aesthetic. I created this checklist using Canva because I am familiar with the website and the editing process.

For my audio section of this project I chose to create a playlist of all the top songs during each year of college. I put 10 songs for each year; freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior year to make a playlist of 40 songs! This assignment was fun to do because I was able to reminisce on the music I listened to during each year. It was a weird feeling to think about how some songs were from almost 4 years ago; it doesn’t feel like long ago. I think this audio assignment was a good fit because I love to listen to music even when it is just background noise, so this playlist tells a little piece of my college story with the music I listened to while here.

Top songs from my freshman to senior year (2018-2021)

Lastly, I made a video of photos from some of my favorite memories each year. I uploaded about 7 pictures for each year and added a caption for each picture. I also put music under the photos to add extra “oomf” to my final project. I tried to pick music for each age that I was during the year. For example, for all my freshman year pictures I am playing the song 18 by ASTN because I was 18 years old when I came to college. By the time you get to my senior year, I am 21 so I layered the song twenty-one by Hunter Hayes. This video was created with iMovie and I thought I was really fun to spend time on memory lane. Uploading the pictures and added the captions was no problem but layering the music was tricky! Once I uploaded my music I did some cropping and adjusting to make sure the timing was right. I had to download iMovie to my computer then upload it to Youtube because the movie was too large to post directly onto the blog.

Overall, I really liked doing this final project! I believe my college memories in a variety of ways using the types of digital tools we learned throughout the semester. I started off with a little bump in the road because I decided to change my topic very late, but I think it turned out pretty good. I enjoyed making each piece of my project but I think I like the iMovie the best because I got to “relive” some great moments. As I was reflecting on all the aspects of digital tools we used throughout the semester I think I saw the most growth in my audio and visual techniques. I used platforms or softwares that I never used before which made it all a learning experience. In the beginning of the semester I was nervous to see what this class would be like but I am glad I took it because I got to be creative and really make my work my own. Just like in DS106, I was able to make the most out of my years in college and learn some tips and tricks that I will use forever!