Still My Happy Place

When I think of a place that I am happiest and at complete ease I immediately think of water. The sight and sound of water is comforting and relaxing to me. When I sit by the water whether that be an ocean, lake, or river I feel the same sense of peace. The sound of waves crashing on the shore or water rushing by brings me peace. The ocean is for my favorite body of water to be near because the sound or the waves, the smell of the salt, and the feeling of sands on my feet is the perfect combination. This sense of peace that water brings has been apparent since I was a baby. My parents used a sound machine with the sound of waves when they put me to bed. Water is my happy place without a doubt in my mind.

I chose to do a redo on this blog post because I felt like I could be a little more descriptive and intentional. I didn’t have any additional pictures to add to the collage because I haven’t been to the water since the last picture was taken. Although my happy place didn’t change I still felt like this was a suitable blog to redo.

Some more sunshine

I chose to redo one of my assignments from the beginning of the semester. This assignment was to think of an emotion and pick 3 songs that expressed that emotion and explain why. When I first completed this assignment I made a playlist of 3 songs (Happy, Shake It Off, and Keep Your Head Up) but for my redo I added a few more songs! Now my playlist has 8 songs and a little more meaning.

I added to the playlist 5 new songs; “Buy Dirt”, “Almond Eyes”, “Famous For”, “I Like Me Better”, and “Intentions.” Each one of these songs dives a little more into the emotion of happy. Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis is explaining that you can’t buy happiness but you can marry the person you love, do a job you love, go to church, and buy dirt to build your family on; which will give you happiness. I love this song and think it is super sweet and thoughtful. The song Almond Eyes is a super heartfelt song by Brandon Lake. He wrote this song talking about his wife’s “almond eyes” and how he is so grateful he gets to look at them forever and how much he loves her. Taren Wells’ song Famous For is talking about he wants God to continue to show us his goodness and show us what he is “famous for” meaning his miracles, love, and good works. I Like Me Better by Lauv just puts me in a good mood. The singer is telling us that he thinks he is a better person when he is with his significant other, which makes me happy that they are happy. The last song, Intentions by Justin Bieber is another song that just makes me happy. He is “hyping” his wife Hailey up throughout this whole song which is great.

Even though these newly added songs aren’t all directly talking about happiness, I find happiness in them while I am listening. There is something about music that is just good for the soul. Sometimes I find that lyrics are the words I needed to say I just couldn’t find them.

So for my redo, I added new songs and went a little deeper with the meaning of the assignment. Being able to bring additional songs makes the playlist worthwhile. I also enjoyed doing this redo because I got to listen to music and truly listen to the words. I think being able to spend more time on this assignment and think about songs more than just surface level was beneficial for me.

Listening Reflection

I listened to the radio show on Monday night that aired How to Survive: Advice From the Five and The Tea on Social Media. The first show was my groups and it was really weird listening to myself talk. I know I am not alone in this feeling but it didn’t get any less weird as my segment continued. Since the first show was my groups radio show, I am reflecting on the second one. I really enjoyed listening to this radio show. It is such a cool experience to listen together while on discord because you can have an instant discussion.

One of my favorite things about this show was the use of sound throughout the show. Their sound effects were really on point. I mentioned in the discord that the notification sounds were oddly satisfying to listen to and I can’t really explain why that is. In the same breathe, related to the sounds, I also was a little embarrassed that I knew what each one of the sounds were from because I am so heavily invested in social media. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in this, but it isn’t something I am proud of.

I also thought that the speakers covered many points throughout their show. This aspect gave the show some variety which kept me interested. I think it is always really interesting to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media. Sometimes it is hard to find the good, but there are definitely perks!!

One critique I would give would be to add some more enthusiasm to your voice when speaking. Be confident in what you are sharing which will make your listeners more intrigued. This critique is something I think nerves and interest take control over when presenting in my opinion. I can’t wait to hear other radio shows from my other classmates!

Week 8 summary

This week we pieced together all of our segments to complete our radio show. We all recorded them on our own then we sent them to Grace and she edited them and added them together. We used our commercials and bumpers from last week to incorporate into our show. We did not run into any big obstacles, only shortening some of our segments because we love to talk. I enjoyed making the radio show with my group. I look forward to listening to other radio shows!

I completed 3 daily creates this week and commented on my classmates blogs!!!

Week 8 was great!!

This week we put all of our segments together to create our radio show. The first segments was from Kylie talking about meal plans and getting involved, then Grace talks about laundry and on-campus jobs, Meredith gives some insight on time management and provides dorm safe recipes, then I (Haylie) follow her with ways to stay organized, and finally Macey ends the show with sharing resources for students on campus! All five of us sent our segments as mp3s to Grace and she put them all together. Last week we all created a bumper and commercial so when we met as a group this week we could decide where we wanted to place them. All of our commercials have to do with our theme of freshman advice which is a pretty cool element to our show. Our bumpers all sound a little different which brings a variety to the radio show.

Grace pieced together all of our segments using Audacity. From Audacity she uploaded it to SoundCloud so anyone can listen. I think as a group we worked really well together and made a great radio show. In the real world, this advice would be useful so if we really wanted to we could share it with new freshman at UMW.

I really enjoyed making this radio show with my group. We didn’t run into any obstacles per say, but we did have to shorten a few segments to meet time requirements. Overall, this radio show was pretty straightforward and didn’t cause much stress. I hope our listeners enjoy the show! I look forward to listening to everyone else’s!

Week 7 Summary

I was super productive this week! I began with creating my group and then brainstorming ideas for our radio show. I recored and commercial and bumper for our show The Core. Making both of these was really fun! I met with my group and we made our radio show intro and planned out what we are goin to be talking about. I created a logo and a sticker as advertisement. These assignments allowed me to be creative. I commented on my classmates blogs and completed 3 daily creates.

All of these assignments allowed me to be creative and intertwine Bob Ross’ theme. I am excited to continue to work with my group on the radio show and make something amazing!

Radio Extras

I decided to carry last weeks theme into this assignment. I created a logo and a sticker for our radio show. I used Canva for templates and then switched around colors and fonts. I really enjoy making stickers and logos even though these want realistically go anywhere.

I went simple for the logo; straight to the point. I liked the simplicity and the “plain” colors for the logo because I didn’t want it to be overbearing.
I made a blue sticker for UMW. Our radio show is about freshman advice and what we wish someone told us when we came to college.

How to Survive: Advice From the Five

My group got started working right away. We all agreed on the topic “Freshman advice” because we think we can give a lot of good insight while making it enjoyable. We created a group chat to start brainstorming ideas and figuring out when we wanted to meet up. This week we each have started to work on radio bumpers and commercials to add into our radio show on our own. I got a jump start on the radio promos and crated a logo and sticker for our show. I made a commercial about a planner both paper and digital because that was my best advice; stay organized. I also made a radio bumper that was simple and to the point.

We met this week to begin recording and figuring out the logistics. At our meeting we decided that Grace will upload everything to her SoundCloud. We designed our layout of the radio show and what we each plan to discuss. We each are creating a bumper and a commercial and we will figure out which ones we want to put in certain time frames. We have successful created a intro to our radio show and we are getting excited to put it all together.

The Core Bumper

I chose to create a bumper that promoted our radio show. I went plain and simple with this one. I added some back ground music to layer on top of my voice. I had to record this a few times because I kept messing up on my words, but I finally got! I downloaded it to my computer then uploaded it to SoundCloud. I enjoyed created this bumper!

I wanted the bumper to be related to our radio show and give “sneak peak” of what we will be discussing during the show. I chose the back ground music as a way to lighten the mood.